Backlit LED Displays for Century 21

What is a backlit window display?

These products can be tough to name or describe because they use backlit LED lighting but it’s not a TV or a monitor. The luminosity on the panels does not translate well in pictures – it’s much better to show you what they look like and what you can do with them in person – they truly “pop”.

Why mount multiple electricity guzzling, heat producing monitors or televisions just to display an image that you really don’t want to change that often? Maybe you want the displays to work together to show floor plans or different views of a property? You can’t coordinate that with digital photo frames designed to change. Then there’s the visibility of these alternatives. Their ability to grab attention often depends on how bright they are.  A typical backlit LED display is 4,000 lux, and an average television or monitor is 400 lux.  Quite a difference.

Backlit LED displays offer a perfect solution for very typical use cases; especially in the Real Estate industry. They were designed from the ground up to be mounted in windows or on walls, free standing units, or table tops. And unlike the alternatives, you don’t need a computer science degree to change the display. And you don’t need to unmount them just to change it.

Backlit LED displays use a printed translucent film medium. There’s no computer files or memory cards or remote controls to deal with. The light from the LEDs shines through the film, pushing rich color through with it. It’s so easy to use that you can literally just slide the paper in and out, changing the look of your window or wall in minutes.

Century 21 North Homes Realty representing the Puget Sound area of Washington has created this display using our R60 round backlit LED panel along with an H2 Panoramic panel, which really catches your eye when entering their office! We can create a custom look for your office too. Call us today at 1-800-333-7446 or visit us.


As you can see, this sleek and stylish look goes perfectly with the office and gives it a nice upscale accent. How would it look in your office? What are you waiting for? Let’s find out!


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