U.S. Housing Markets

Best Real Estate Markets in the United States

When it comes to real estate in the U.S., not all states are created equal. Some markets are hot, some are not. Check out our guide to the states with best real estate markets and start shopping smart for your next investment now!

Best Housing Markets in the U.S.

West-Coast States

In California, large cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles are predicted to see housing prices increase by 1.6% and 2.2% respectively. San Diego boasts a higher projected housing price increase of 4.4%.

For the truly hot real estate destinations in California, move inland. Sacramento housing prices are expected to rise by almost 5% this year.

Not into California? Further up the coast, major metropolises Portland (Oregon) and Seattle (Washington) are expected to see housing price increases of 5.2% and 5.6% respectively.

The Rocky Mountain Region

Moving further inland, there are few hotter states for real estate than Utah.

Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Provo are all projected to see housing price increases of over 4%.

In Colorado, the greater Denver area is still on the rise as far as housing prices go. Expect another 3.9% increase from the Rocky Mountain State this year.

Southern States

If you’re looking to set up shop in the south, there are few better states for real estate business than Tennessee. Major metropolitan areas in the Volunteer State are expected to see housing prices rise by 4-5%.

In Georgia, the Atlanta metropolitan area is expected to see a sizeable average housing price increase of nearly 5.3%.

Charleston, South Carolina is projected to see a housing price increase of 4.4% in 2017.

Florida’s Orlando metropolitan area boasts one of the highest projected housing price increases at 5.7%.

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