Why It's Important to Buy Quality Signs vs. Cheap Signs

Why It’s Important to Buy a Quality Sign vs. a Cheap Sign

If you’re tempted to save a few bucks by purchasing discount real estate signage for your listings, consider the following:

  • You worked hard for your listing – doesn’t it deserve a quality sign? It doesn’t take a professional to tell a quality sign from a cheap one, and the yard sign is the first thing people notice when they’re looking for a home.
  • It can tarnish your image. When prospective buyers see your cheap signs, they wonder where else you might be cutting corners. The yard sign typically has your name on it.  Does it project the image you’ve worked hard to convey?
  • It costs more in the long run. Cheap signs may look good for a month or two, but they always need replacing faster than well-built signage.

How to Tell Quality Signs from Cheap Ones

 Quality Signs:

  • Signs and frames are constructed with quality materials – aluminum, steel, polyethylene, corrugated plastic – designed for long service life
  • Sign materials are chosen based on local climate and weather conditions
  • Fast, simple installation, such as “no-bolts” design
  • Excellent print and graphics quality
  • Top-grade paint and ink makes signs resistant to fading and rust

Cheap Signs:

  • Signs are constructed with low grade, non-durable materials
  • Difficult to assemble and take down
  • Vulnerable to wind, rain and other weather damage
  • Poor print and graphics quality
  • Low-grade paint and ink easily fades or wears off
  • Low-grade metal frames are susceptible to rust

Quality Signs Offer Many Advantages to Real Estate Professionals

  • Make a good first impression on buyers and sellers
  • Easy to read from a distance
  • Professional design and quality materials capture the attention of drive-bys
  • Custom look and feel helps build your personal brand
  • Longer service life = lower total cost of ownership
  • Cost-effective marketing tool yields excellent return on investment

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