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Is It Worth Investing in Custom Real Estate Signs?

The word “custom” can be intimidating. If you’re buying clothes, for example, “custom” can mean a price difference of hundreds or thousands of dollars. When you’re buying custom real estate signs, however, it’s a different story.

Made-to-Order Signs

Most professional real estate signs are made-to-order. Just as no two properties are the same, no two agents are the same. Because of the need for both sign consistency and sign customization, it rarely makes sense for real estate professionals to purchase signs that aren’t custom.

Each unique brand needs unique signage to represent it. Likewise, within each brand, multiple agents need signage personalized with their own information. Because of this set of circumstances, it’s best to use a real estate signage specialist.

Custom Real Estate Signs Are an Investment

Unlike other signage that’s destined to be used once for an event and left to the mercy of mother nature, real estate signs are an investment. They need to stand up to repeated use while still looking their best. For example, your signage must endure everything from the blazing sun to a sudden snowstorm.

Real estate signs aren’t just any signs, they’re a vital tool for any agent’s branding strategy. Do you want to be known for using generic-looking signs from the sign shop down the street? Nothing says, “I decided to become a real estate agent last week,” like a poorly-made for sale sign. You can find cheap, flimsy signs, but do you want them representing you?

Real Estate Signage Needs the Ability To Change

Real estate agents need to be skilled marketers. Any good marketer can tell you that a sign that doesn’t change soon disappears — figuratively. Have you ever used an air freshener and noticed after a few minutes that you can’t smell it anymore? You don’t notice it after a while because you’ve grown used to it. It’s the same with signs.

Unlike a static sign promoting an event, real estate signs need to be dynamic. You can quickly and easily add sign inserts, commonly known as “riders,” to a larger sign. It’s easy to replace sign riders. To make this process even simpler, modern sign frames have slots with tension clips. These allow inserts to easily slide in and out without bolts or screws. Unsurprisingly, it’s not practical, or cost-effective, to install a new sign every time you need to make an update. Using custom real estate sign riders allows you to add your name, contact info, or any other message you choose to all your signs.

Something as simple as adding a sign rider with the words “Price Reduced” or “Home Warranty” can restore interest in your listing. After all, what’s more frustrating and embarrassing than a listing that just won’t move? The renewed attention from a sign rider makes your listing top of mind.

Custom Real Estate Signs Make the Right Impression on Your Clients

You can’t put a price on word-of-mouth advertising in the real estate business. Your clients’ impression of you will decide your success or failure as an agent. Custom signs send a message that you’re a reliable and trustworthy agent.

For many clients, their home is their greatest asset and most significant investment. Clients will trust you to handle buying and selling their home if they recognize you as a competent professional. Your clients expect high-quality custom panels and frames. They’re used to seeing this from other agents.

A Note About Quality

Manufacturers generally use higher quality materials to produce custom-made signs than cheaper, mass-produced alternatives. They typically make custom sign frames out of durable metals, typically steel. For the sign panels themselves, they will normally use either metal or resilient polymer materials.

When you make each product with a specific customer in mind, you can’t afford to produce anything but the best.

In the same way that it doesn’t make sense to buy disposable dishes if you’re going to use them more than once, buying cheap signs for real estate will end up costing you more. High-quality, custom real estate signs will last much longer, saving you money.

The Importance of Using Real Estate Sign Specialists

Building custom real estate signs is a specialized industry. The materials, artwork, regulations, and franchise connections involved are complex. Because of this, using a general sign shop for real estate signs makes about as much sense as asking your family doctor to perform heart surgery. In other words, some jobs call for a specialist, and custom real estate signs are one of those tasks.

In short, real estate agents that want to be taken seriously need custom real estate signs. They are the industry norm. The good news is, they’re not as expensive as you would think. You’ll save money, and benefit your professional brand, by buying high-quality custom signs early on.

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