The One-Step Guide to Buying Real Estate Signs

The One-Step Guide to Buying Real Estate Signs

For professional realtors, reputation and image are everything. So why risk your hard-earned reputation and your brand by buying cheap real estate signs just to save a few dollars?

The Importance of Quality Signage

  • Professionally present your image and brand
  • It is the only on-site marketing when selling a home
  • Longer life
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Many buyers find the house they want just from the sign
  • Buyers are less likely to call realtors with cheap-looking signage
  • Buyers will form a first impression of you based on your signs

What to Look for In A Quality Sign

  • Good ink
  • Quality materials
  • Easy assembly and take-down
  • Durability
  • Weather resistant; can stand up to:
    • Hot sun and UV rays
    • Wind, rain, snow and ice
    • Flying debris from lawn mowers


What to Look For In a Quality Sign Vendor

  • Experience – how many years in business
  • Choice of materials
  • Reputation
  • Design experts to help you with creative
  • Ability to customize signs
  • Easy order process
  • Fast delivery


When Buying a Real Estate Sign

  • Make sure the design and colors represent what you want to convey to buyers.
  • Use sign materials that fit your local weather conditions.
  • Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Attach framed signs to a swing post or use reflective signs to increase visibility at night.
  • Keep safety in mind. Make sure the sign vendor uses grommets in their swinging signs. Otherwise, the sign can come unhinged and damage a car or injure someone.

When your real estate signs look good, you look good to buyers. Invest in quality signage and watch your business grow!

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